Raspberry Pi

I’m a tenured Associate Professor of Information Technology and Management at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

I am writing a book about WebRTC titled Programming WebRTC: Build Real-Time Streaming Applications for the Web, now in beta with Pragmatic Programmers.

I study the open standards and open-source technologies that support web development. My professional work is invested in securing the web’s future as a more humane open platform. To that end, I research, practice, and promote ethical, iterative web development techniques that help make the web and its content universally accessible to all.

Fall 2021 Courses

I teach courses on web design and development, including a two-course sequence in web development and web design that is part of the core undergraduate curriculum in Information Technology and Management. I have also been teaching a course on WebRTC, which I am offering again during fall semester 2021.


Email me at , or find my profiles on GitHub and LinkedIn. I’m working to write more frequently on my blog at stolley.dev, which posts to my Twitter account @stolleydotdev.