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I am writing a book about WebRTC titled Programming WebRTC: Build Real-Time Streaming Applications for the Web, now in beta with Pragmatic Programmers.

I have been practicing, researching, and writing about web development up and down the stack since the blink tag was still a thing. I’m wildly passionate about accessibility and open standards. I’m a frequent speaker at national and international conferences, and a routine presenter and participant in professional developer groups and meetups in Chicago.

Formerly a tenured university professor, I currently work for Daily as a senior engineer focused on developer relations.

Latest Book

Programming WebRTC cover.

Programming WebRTC: Build Real-Time Streaming Applications for the Web (Pragmatic Programmers, 2022). Build your own video chat application—but that’s just the beginning. With WebRTC, you’ll create real-time applications to stream any kind of user media and data directly from one browser to another, all built on familiar HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Power real-time activities like text-based chats, secure peer-to-peer file transfers, collaborative brainstorming sessions—even multiplayer gaming. And you’re not limited to two connected users: an entire chapter of the book is devoted to engineering multipeer WebRTC apps that let groups of people communicate in real time. You’ll create your own video conferencing app. It’s all here.


Email me at , or find my profiles on GitHub and LinkedIn. I’m working to write more frequently on my blog at stolley.dev, which posts to my Twitter account @stolleydotdev.

If you’re a former student, I’m happy to serve as a reference for you when you apply for scholarships, internships, jobs, and so on. Please send me a copy of your latest resume, and if I need to write a letter or something, please also give me at least two week’s notice. And if you just want to stay in touch or ask a question, I would love to hear from you.