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I study the open standards and open-source technologies that support web development. My professional work is invested in securing the web’s future as a more humane open platform. To that end, I practice and promote ethical, iterative web development techniques that help make the web and its content more accessible to all.

I’m jointly appointed in the departments of Humanities and Information Technology & Management as a tenured Associate Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

Fall 2020 Courses

I teach courses on web design and development, including a two-course sequence in web development and web design that is part of the core undergraduate curriculum in Information Technology and Management and a sequence of web design and web-application development for undergraduate and graduate programs in Humanities.


Book cover.

Released in a revised and expanded second edition in 2017, How to Design and Write Web Pages Today is a wide-ranging introduction to designing and writing in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with the assistance of Git, an open-source version control system. The book covers fundamental standards-compliant web development methods and techniques, including responsive web design, but it’s written to be useful and accessible even to readers without an existing technical background.


Email me at , or find my profile on GitHub. I’m working to write more frequently on my blog at stolley.dev.